Clip-Ins VS Tape-Ins VS Sew-In Extensions
Clip-Ins VS Tape-Ins VS Sew-In Extensions
Clip-Ins VS Tape-Ins VS Sew-In Extensions

If you are new to the world of hair extensions, it can all be pretty confusing when you are first starting out. There are a lot of terms that get tossed around. While many are familiar and pretty easy to figure out (think “clip in hair extensions” “human hair extensions”), some of them are a bit less clear (uhh… micro-links, anyone?). The hair extensions professionals at have got your back. We are here to shine a light on all of the bizarre terminology and talk about the differences between the three most common types of extensions: Clip-Ins, Tape-Ins and Sew-In Hair Extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

World-renowned as the fastest and easiest hair extensions in the biz, clip-in extensions are arguably the most popular extensions. They are temporary, so the enhancement they impart can be added and removed at will within minutes. Of course, this is very beneficial for those not looking to make an expensive and face altering decision. As a matter of fact, you can pack these extensions for traveling or even clip them in on your way to a lounge. 

Tape-in Hair Extensions

These extensions adhere to your natural hair close to the root using (as the name implies) medical grade tape. There are A TON of benefits to tape in extensions and they are one of the more popular types of temporary hair extensions. They have a quick install time, usually taking around 45 minutes to an hour to apply. For damaged hair they are a great selection. They are awesome for very fine hair and less expensive than some options. The adhesive can become less sticky which means they have to be replaced. this can be done by purchasing the tape itself or replacing the extensions.

Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in extensions also known as “weave” is a style where your natural hair is braided into cornrows and extensions are literally sewn into the braids. This type of extension is PERFECT for buying you some time while you grow out your natural hair. It is also ideal if you just want a break from dealing with your natural hair for a while. They take a good bit of time to install, about 3-6 hours, so sew-in extensions are not one of the fast options out there, but with proper care, this style typically will last 6-8 weeks.